On Sunday, 26th June 2022, during the 4th Honey & Beekeeping Festival of Odou, the Official Opening of the "Bee Life" "Μέλισσα Ζωή" Queen Bee Artificial Insemination Center and Honey Quality Control Laboratory took place. DDG Peter Ashdjian gave an opening speech giving insight on the conception of the idea one year ago by Cyprus Rotary Clubs and the Bank of Cyprus. He noted the valuable contribution that the Center will bring in cooperation with government and local Officials and thanked all parties for their help to make the "Bee Life" Center a reality, with special mentions for Ora's Community Leader, Mr. Menelaos Philippou, the president of Troodos Network, the president of the Cyprus Beekeepers Association Παγκύπριος Σύνδεσμος Μελισσοκόμων - Κέντρο Μελισσοκομίας Κύπρου and all Rotarians involved.
The Center is a collaboration of the Rotary clubs of Cyprus with the Bank of Cyprus that will offer a new dynamic in bee reproduction, restoration of the lost bee hives, protection of the native Cypriot bee and improvement in the quality of Cypriot honey.