Today is pretty grim – hail, rain, wind! Winter is here. But thankfully by the time you read this we will be looking forward to spring.
Spring is the time for action and Paphos Aphrodite Rotary Club is already springing (forgive the pun) into action. We have been planning our programme of events and fundraising so I am writing at more length than usual (editors willing) because without you and your support we can not achieve our aims.
So firstly, what are our aims? One is to bring people together in common cause because as we all know people working together can achieve far more than on their own. Those causes and aims are to improve the lives of others, whether by education or our efforts or by raising funds for others. We are planning to work in all those ways.
Education: A major push by Rotary across Cyprus is to encourage people to understand the necessity for assisting pollinators, such as bees (though many other insects pollinate also). We are helping to create pollinator gardens at the Learning Refuge, Hope Farm and our own little patch in Mesa Chorio. Pollinator Gardens are really simple- essentially they are just areas within a garden or open space filled with plants that attract bees and insects. If you are interested in the pollinator project look at Flyer eng.pdf
By our own efforts: You may have noticed that there is quite a lot of rubbish by the roads and streets of Paphos. On March 18th Rotarians will take part in a clean up operation on Europis Avenue (ERA to the triangle) which we hope will be the first of many such events. Of course the help of others would be much appreciated so if you think a tidy town is important come and join us – keep an eye on Facebook.
Raising Funds
For three years now we have put on a rock concert in the summer and we will be doing the same this year. It will be in Tala Amphitheatre and will feature two acts. If it is as good as previous years there will be much fun and dancing. Proceeds go to our charities. Keep your eyes out for publicity and please join us.
We are also planning to put on other events and to run raffles at other music events.
And lastly – did you know that there was a Rotary Square in Paphos and have you been there? It is a little hidden, just off Kennedy Square with entrances from Kiniras Hotel and Palia Elektriki. Although it bears our name it has not been used for much – so far. We have plans to put on a number of events there, starting with a craft market in late spring/early summer. So find out where it is and come along.
Just typing about the programme we have has worn me out but we are excited as well. If you feel that you would like to get involved in any way , either by joining our club or just coming along to help you can contact me at
The motto of Rotary is Service Above Self and we do our best to live up to it.
Ian Graves
Vice President
Paphos Aphrodite Rotary Club