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The Paphos-Aphrodite Rotary Club has an International Membership and our meetings are conducted in English.
Paphos, the capital of Cyprus in ancient times with many World Heritage sites has also like Cyprus the cleanest beaches in the Mediterranean.

Being a great tourist resort we are used to welcoming guests from all over Europe and beyond.
Club News
Our Club's Vasilopita Dinner at Neos in Peyia. The cake was cut by PP Pantelis and the coin was found by De,Ly's. An enjoyable evening with good food and good company!
Dear friends, fellow Rotarians,
we've had a successful year raising funds for our charities, In particular our main project of the year, the shelter boxes, which undoubtedly will benefit numerous people suffering disasters around the world, I thank you for your effort, support and hard work though out the year .                                                 
My wife Sheila and I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year,
Dr Reda Youssef,
Club president 
On Thursday the club members with friends and family enjoyed the annual Christmas dinner at Palia Ilektriki. The food was wonderful and we enjoyed great service form their team again. A big thanks to all our supporters. We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2024.
At our last meeting we welcomed a return visit from Giannis Christodoulides, the young violinist who was sponsored by our Club to attend the European Youth Orchestra Academy in Mannheim, Germany. As the only Cypriot representative, Giannis spoke about his wonderful experience and then played some Mozart for us. He hopes to return to Mannheim next year and I am sure we will be pleased to sponsor him again.
Sunday we had our first event to raise funds for our Shelterbox Project. Despite the atrocious weather, we had a great afternoon at Tsangarides Winery and raised over €700. Thanks to our visitors for their support, especially DDG Tastan Altuner who came all the way from Kyrenia, our AG Snezana Cvetkovic and Jelena, President of Limassol Berengaria with some of her members. The Christmas Hamper raffle was won by a delighted Steve who couldn't wait to take it home and enjoy the contents! Finally a very special "Thank You" to our host and supporter Angelos Tsangarides who made our event possible.
Attendance at meetings is considered important for Rotary members for several reasons, reflecting the organization's values, principles, and the effectiveness of its service-oriented objectives.
Here are some key reasons:
  • Fellowship and Networking:
Rotary places a strong emphasis on fellowship and building relationships among its members. Regular attendance at meetings provides members with the opportunity to connect with each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship.
  • Information Sharing:
Meetings serve as a platform for members to share information about Rotary projects, initiatives, and community activities. This ensures that all members are well-informed about the organization's ongoing efforts and can contribute effectively.
  • Organizational Updates:
Rotary is an international organization with various levels and committees. Meetings provide a forum for disseminating updates on district and global Rotary activities, as well as information about changes in leadership, policies, and procedures
  • Service Planning and Coordination:
Attendance is crucial for planning and coordinating community service projects. Members need to be present to discuss and organize upcoming events, allocate responsibilities, and ensure the smooth execution of initiatives.
  • Professional Development:
Rotary meetings often include presentations or talks on relevant topics, contributing to the professional development of its members. Exposure to diverse ideas and discussions can broaden members' perspectives and enhance their knowledge.
  • Rotary's Four-Way Test:
Rotary adheres to the Four-Way Test, a set of ethical guidelines that members use in both their personal and professional lives. Regular attendance reflects a commitment to the principles of truth, fairness, goodwill, and beneficial outcomes
  • Building Trust and Accountability:
Consistent attendance demonstrates commitment and accountability, building trust among members. Trust is essential for effective collaboration and the successful implementation of Rotary's humanitarian and community service projects.
  • Inspirational and Motivational:
Rotary meetings often feature speakers who share inspirational stories or insights. Regular attendance provides members with the opportunity to be motivated and inspired, reinforcing their commitment to Rotary's mission.
  • Leadership Opportunities:
Active participation in meetings is often a precursor to leadership roles within Rotary. Members who attend regularly are more likely to be considered for leadership positions where they can contribute more significantly to the organization's objectives.
  • Fun and Enjoyment:
Rotary values the idea of having fun while serving the community. Meetings are designed to be enjoyable and uplifting, creating a positive atmosphere that encourages members to actively engage in Rotary activities.
While attendance is encouraged, Rotary recognizes that members have other commitments, and flexibility is often given to accommodate busy schedules. The emphasis is on active participation and a genuine commitment to Rotary's mission of service above self.
Rotarian Anke opened her house and garden for our September fellowship. It was a full house with our Rotarians, friends and neighbors, kids and dogs. A big thanks also to Andrew who was in charge of the souvla and did a marvelous job. Thanks Anke for a fantastic evening.
After our summer break we met in the Anemi Hotel and it was great to see all our members again. We also welcomed Jane Vice-Long with her husband from the Bury Abbey Rotary Club in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.
At our final meeting before the summer break, we were delighted to welcome Giannis Christodoulides and his father Savvas. Giannis is 17 years old and a very talented violinist who attends the Paphos Music School and also was awarded a Scholarship to study advanced technique at the Nicosia University.
Giannis auditioned, and was accepted to participate in a European Youth Orchestra Academy organised by the Rotary Club of Mannheim-Rhein-Neckar as a RYLA Project. He is the only Cypriot to be accepted with students from all over Europe.
We are so impressed by this talented young man and unanimously agreed to sponsor him. He will come back later in the year to tell us about his experiences in Germany and also to play for us. Well done Giannis, I am sure you will make Paphos (and Cyprus) proud of you!
After 2 years being president out our club Juergen Krekeler handed over to our new president Reda Youssef. A big thanks to Juergen for all his work he has done with his team.
Congratulations to Reda and we wish him a successful year. It was great to see so many Rotarian friends from several other clubs as well as many supporters of our club. Big thanks also to the team at THE LODGE who looked after us. We all had a fantastic evening and looking forward to the new Rotary year.
Two of our members attended a recent event where we were allowed to have a charity raffle. A lovely lady called Gail won the huge food hamper, which she said she would share with her friends, and €235 was raised for the Friend's Hospice. Thank you to our Club members for their donations.


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